Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powerball dreams

Have you heard about the Powerball drawing tonight? It's up to $550 MILLION DOLLARS! I don't know about you but I rarely if ever buy lotto tickets of any kind. I purchased a couple when we moved back here from Korea (no lotto there,  lol) and other then that I might pick up a random scratch ticket here and there. But even that is rare and few between. But when the winning amount is THAT high, I have to have at least one shot. As miniscule the possibility is of winning, I have no possibility if I don't have any tickets. 

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Secret confession time. When i'm laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, I daydream about something specifically. At some point in time in my childhood, someone told me that whatever you were thinking about before you fell asleep, you would dream about it. That's when I started daydreaming at night. I have elaborate fantasies (not like that, dirty bird!) of having kids, buying houses, and when I was younger; my wedding day. With the powerball ticket being in play, my fantasy has turned into what I would do if I won...

I debated this last night, on whether I would tell my husband while he was deployed, or wait till he got home. I'm sure the money gets deposited into your account (a shame, no suitcases of cash to go to the bank with) so then maybe I would just wait and see if he checked the account and freaked out? Or perhaps tell him not to check it until he gets home because I was working on a surprise. I would take my SUV and my hubbies car in for all maintenance, repairs and tires replaced. I bought some tires on black friday that are just a tad too small for my SUV but for the price, i'm going to deal. Well now that i'm rich, I wont need to, so I even think about who to donate the tires to. I take my sister shopping, deposit money into my moms bank account anonymously so she can pay off her house, and I don't tell anyone else that I won. I told you, my dreams are fairly elaborate sometimes. I fell asleep at that point, so we'll see where my mind goes tonight, but what would you do with that kind of money? When you spend it elaborately? Share with friends? Keep it a secret? Buy houses on every continent? Or maybe travel to Africa and help AIDS orphans? 

What would you do?

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