About Me

Hi! This is me; Amber. I'm glad you found my blog and while it's a work in progress, like me, I hope you enjoy it. If you're wondering what I blog about the answer is life, crafts, recipes, and basically randomness. Because that's me. Randomness. 

I have always thought of myself as the least crafty person out there as I have no imagination. Recently I lived in Korea for two years and was introduced to Stampin Up! and learned that I can be crafty as long as I have something to copy replicate. Now I attempt to make all kinds of things.

This is my handsome 7 year old, Gideon. He is my everything. He is quirky, funny, and has an incredible imagination.

Now, so I can show off my family some more for some more pics for you to enjoy!

Gideon and I in Korea 2011

Fall 2011
Gideon's first horse show 2012