Thursday, November 15, 2012

Advent Calendar Part 2

So i'm a little behind, but i'm also a little ahead. If you're just catching up, this is what we're doing: HERE. Of course I should have read the directions better of what we're doing cause I didn't really follow along right. lol.

All ready to be sewed!
I cut out the tree, the backing, and embroidered my pockets and I found what I thought was this fabulous idea to go all blues and silvers for my pockets as I just love that Christmas combo. I found this really pretty silver embroidery floss at Joann's and set to work. I don't know if it's because I don't know how to do embroidery very well or what, but that silver floss sucks. BIG TIME. Now my numbers started off kind of terrible as well but I figured out my style was a little off and did fix that. I still couldn't get the silver to work though. The silver ones looked so bad even though the silver was still so pretty. I really wanted to love it... I ended up adding in two different colors of blues and thought if I just used the few silvers I had, it would be mixed in and still show the color... Well, they still just looked bad.  In case you're wondering, the silver kept fraying really easily. I had to use tape to keep it together to even thread it on the needle in the first place. And it just looked bad. I ended up redoing them with some white floss. I still have this blue and white thing going on but no silver :(

The silver embroidery

                     I also sewed my pockets together since I have two layers to them. I layed all of this out on my backing and I started sewing it on yesterday. I put it up on my sewing machine and realized, hey, I can't sew this. lol. For one, I lent out my walking foot to someone, and for two, I don't know how to use it anyways. I'm meeting up to get my walking foot back tonight as well as a quick tutorial on how to use it, but i'm still not for sure that I can figure it out... So I started hand stitching... OMG, this is taking forever! It looks nice, but FOREVER.

My tree

This is what I have done:
Backing cut
Pockets sewn together and numbers embroidered
Tree cut and started sewing onto backing.

Now based off the tutorial that we are following, HERE, this is what I need to accomplish this week:
Finish sewing all my tree and pockets to backing
Make 8 ornaments

If you're following along, the total of that is what we need to finish this week. I'm getting so excited for this by the way. I'm can't wait to see it done! Since we're starting ornaments, I thought i'd share a few sites where I found some really cute ones to attempt to recreate. Hopefully this will help you with some ideas at least.

How About Orange
Big K, Little G

P.S. Don't forget! Please post pics on my Facebook page if you're creating as well!

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