Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BZZ Campaign for Private Selection

 I don't know if you're heard of a bzz agent before but it's a great program where you can get signed up to campaign for different products. When you initially sign up they have a bunch of different survey's to fill out to establish what types of products you use, the size and ages of your family, etc. This way you don't get offered a campaign for dog food when you don't have any pets. After this you wait to be offered a campaign. This can take a long time or a short time. They don't have campaigns coming out every day, so you have to wait. Once you do get offered a campaign you can join in or not. But don't hesitate, they fill up fast! When you sign up they mail you out a kit. This usually consists of coupons to hand out and a free sample of the product you're talking about. Then your job is to talk about it. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, and in person. Then write a review on the website. Easy!

Today I was offered a campaign for the Private Selection Brand that Kroger carries. I will hopefully receive my kit here soon so that I can share coupons with everyone but until then I wanted to share some of my experience with them.

I used to work for Fred Meyer which is now owned by Kroger so I have sold this brand as well as tried it. They are a generic brand however they are the gourmet version of the store brand. They are almost always the same if not better then the national brand. Check them out!

I will be adding more information as I receive my bzz kit but until then, check out their website! BZZAgent

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Deployment talk

Most of my family know this already, if not, sorry I missed you. lol.

Michael will be deploying soon.

I can't tell you when of course but soon...

I'm hoping to get his address soon so I can try and get people to send him care packages and letters. If you're interested in mailing him anything, please let me know. I can't promise he'll write back.

I've been on pinterest and google, pinning ideas for care packages. There are a lot of cute themed ones out there.

You should follow me on pinterest if you're not already because I have a ton of ideas on there. I will be writing about any packages I put together and of course just my daily musings on here. It's hard because I can't give any specifics about what he's doing but I will be writing what I can.

I also just started babysitting a little boy, so that will help to keep me busy.

Keeping busy will be the trick I think.

The longest we've been apart is a month and  that was when he first got to Korea. That wasn't too difficult, just boredom with being at my step-dad's house and nothing to do. Oh and the 6 weeks I was staying with my mom last summer to visit, same thing. I was able to talk to him all the time then. At least I knew I could around his work schedule which was pretty easy to work around minus the time change.

This time will be harder, I think.

I wont know when I'll be able to talk to him...

It'll work out though. I'm fairly independent.

Anyone want to help me put up Christmas lights in December?