Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentine's Day #Datenight

Ok, so we didn't actually go out on Valentine's Day since Michael got home on Valentine's Day. But we did go out a couple of days later.

I've been wanting to go to the Melting Pot for what seems like forever. It's a bit pricey so when we do go, it's usually to the bar for Happy Hour where we have just the cheese and chocolate. Which frankly, that's probably the best part anyways if you had to pick. So with us not having gone out on a date night in nine months and wanting to celebrate him coming home, not to mention Valentine's Day, we decided to splurge.

Luckily the Melting Pot does a military discount on Sunday through Thursday, and it's a good 20% off so that really helped as well. Because of that, we made sure to book our reservations on a Sunday, which was still just a couple days after he came home. I haven't been the the Melting Pot in awhile but they've changed their prices a bit since the last time I went and it's easier to go and not have to spend quite as much as before, which is nice. You have a bunch of options for dinner and from what I remember before, there was really only two.

Overall, it was a great dinner and you have never been, it's worth it at least once. I already want to go back. Ha ha.

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