Tuesday, February 26, 2013

He's home!

I've been in a bit of whirl wind the last couple of weeks and have seriously been slacking on my blogging. I guess I have a good excuse though. My husband came home! If you follow me on Facebook, you may already have seen that but I should probably share some more pictures and actually blog about it.

In case you somehow missed it or you just started reading my blog, my husband has been deployed for the last nine months. On Feb 14th, he came home! What a fantastic start to my Valentine's Day! I've known for a couple of weeks but due to OPSEC I couldn't share the info. If you aren't military affiliated, you probably have no idea what OPSEC is. It stands for OPerations SECurity and basically means to keep information guarded so that potential "threats" wont know what is going on. Especially when troops are overseas, we don't want anyone bad to know where they're at, when they're traveling, etc.

I helped Gideon to make a welcome home sign for dad, and as you know, Gideon LOVES pirates, so we made a pirate map sign! It turned out fairly cute and added that touch of originality so that we didn't have the same sign as everyone else. I also should add, Gideon keeps calling soldiers' Mateys. Hence another part of where the sign idea came from.

I will admit, I was a little nervous to have him come home, as it seems like he's been gone forever. You get a groove of just you and the kids and to add hubby back into that, is a bit intimidating. I was also worried about how Gideon was going to handle it, but all of my worries seem to have been for no reason, overall. We've been working on getting a routine started, which is a little hard since Michael is still working half days, but we've got something at least. And Gideon was so excited to see daddy and has been all about going everywhere with him, which is better then I could have hoped for. I thought he might need a little warming up, but nope.

Patiently waiting

I see feet!

They're here!

Even the dogs were super excited to see him and I wasn't sure if they'd remember him or not. Coco was whining up a storm when he was petting them. So sweet.

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