Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday was Gideon's 5th birthday. I actually have a great Pirate Booty giveaway going on to celebrate. Last night we had a little mini celebration, just the two of us. I sang Happy Birthday to him and he was so excited. He also had a gift to open which i'm also going to include the video as well. As a back story on the video, Gideon had this toy dinosaur from Dinosaur Train, "Ned", that he got for Christmas 2011. A couple of days before Christmas 2012, he snapped off Ned's neck. Normally when he breaks a toy, it goes in the trash if I can't fix it and it's usually not that big of a deal. For whatever reason, Ned was different. He cried uncontrollably  and ended up having to just lay with me on the couch while I tried to calm him down. For a good 20 min at least; he was really upset. Then he started talking about Santa getting him Ned for Christmas. I explained to him that Santa probably already has all of his gifts since it's so close to Christmas but we'll see. I honestly thought he'd end up moving on like normal and forgetting about it. But nope, that was not the case. He kept talking about Ned to everyone. Any time someone asked him about Christmas he'd respond "no new Ned". First day back to school after New Years, his bus driver asked how his Christmas was and the first thing out of his mouth was "no new Ned". My dad called on the way home from Cubbies last night and asked what Gideon wanted, his answer again was a "new Ned". When we got home we had our little "celebration" and I knew that I needed to video record him opening the present.

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