Monday, January 14, 2013

Gideon's birth story

With Gideon's birthday tomorrow, I thought i'd share my birth story with any one out there who may be interested. Gideon will be turning 5 tomorrow, so while some of the details might not be there, I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Waiting to be induced
My due date was Dec 31st, 2007. I had dreams of a water birth so I was hoping Gideon would be coming on his own and that I would get what I wanted. All of the women in my family on my moms side have had late babies and have needed to be induced. I was really hoping this would not be me. Because of this, I even took castor oil to try and help things along. By the way, that did nothing but give me the worst case of diarrhea in my life. I know some people have had success with this but it definitely did NOT work for me. LOL.

At 39, 40, and 41 weeks I had my membranes sweeped. If you have no idea what that is, I'd google it. It's not the most pleasant experience out there though. This of course did nothing. I also worked up until I hit my due date (I would have continued if my work would have scheduled me), which involved lots of walking but of course I did that all of my pregnancy. I basically tried everything I could think of that I knew of. At 42 weeks, and 0 dilation, I was supposed to come in to be induced.

I was originally scheduled to go in on that Sunday, but after calling the hospital I found out they were understaffed so we got pushed back to the Monday. Monday, I called and came in first thing in the morning. I was checked in but still at a 0. I was still trying to avoid pitocin as I wanted that water birth so they gave me a dose of cytotec to try and induce without the pitocin. After that I was free to roam the hospital and get some breakfast. I don't remember if I was given a second dose of cytotec or not but I do know that I felt nothing. When the nurses would monitor me, they said that I was having little contractions that were almost on top of each other but not strong enough to do anything.

After a long conversation about how this wasn't working and we were now in the evening of day 1, we decided to try pitocin as well as a baloon catheter. The catheter is put into the cervix to help dilation. It is supposed to fall out on it's own around 4 cm. We were also under an agreement that if my labor starts, we'll pull me off the pitocin to see if it continues without it. I was still hoping for that water birth or at least a natural birth of some kind.

I started having contractions after that. When you're on pitocin you have to be monitored and I kept having to pee which kept me having to go off the monitor. I felt dumb because I couldn't ever get it situated just right when I came back. I also felt like all I was doing was peeing. LOL.  At some point, while in the bathroom, the catheter ripped out of me. It was taped to my inner thigh to keep the pressure and I don't know if I really was dilated enough or not but I think it was taped a little too tight so when I went to sit it ripped out, and not that nicely.

After that, since I was having contractions and I was at least at 4 cm, they agreed to take me off the pitocin. At this point it was super early in the morning and I was UNCOMFORTABLE to say the least. I kept jumping in the bath trying to relieve some of the discomfort.

Somewhere in the morning, they sent me off to a laboring room. They wouldn't let me use the birthing tub yet though so I was in a different room that didn't have a tub. Because I was two weeks over due, they wanted to make sure there was no meconium in the water before they would allow a water birth. If there ended up being meconium that I wouldn't be allowed a water birth. At this point things were definitely moving along and they were guessing i'd have him around 1:00 or so.

I pretty much stayed on the birthing ball all morning and was trying to breath through all of my contractions. I took another pee break and while in the bathroom, my water broke. At this point, because they hadn't actually seen it, they made me wear a pad so they could make sure it was clear and wheeled me to the room with the birthing tub. I know everyone has had difference experiences with their water breaking but mine was literally gushes of water. I was sitting there and all of a sudden a flood of  water would come out of me. All over the floor in between the two rooms. It happened probably 3 times, and I remember being so embarrassed and continuing to apologize for it. Because you know, I had so much control over it. LOL.

At that time, it was obvious the water was free of meconium so I went into the tub. I stayed in the tub for the next 6 hours! I literally did not progress at all, if anything tightened back up a little. My midwife had been afraid that if she was to break my water earlier that it would take pressure off and I wouldn't dilate. That's the big reason it wasn't done artificially. She was exactly right too. Without that pressure of the water bag, I stopped progressing. Unfortunately for me though, I was still having contractions. And they were painful contractions, right on top of each other. Again. I was getting no breaks in between and it wasn't helping me progress.

After that 6 hours I just remember being done. I told them to go ahead and put me on pitocin and I wanted an epidural too. I felt like I was giving up but I was so tired by this point. And I never wanted to go into labor with the pitocin.

Literally 45 minutes after being put on the pitocin and given the epidural, I had my little boy. He was the most precious little thing ever. I remember trying not to cry really hard even though I really wanted to.

My family had been sitting at the hospital all day by this point but I was determined to breastfeed so I wouldn't let anyone in the room until after I nursed him. That went great as well, and he was just perfect. I do have some pics I'll share but they're not the greatest quality so bear with it. I also have a video if you want to watch. Beware, it is a birth video but you really can't see anything unless you're staying at my hooha and not the baby.

The perfect baby

Me with my brothers

My dad holding Gideon

Gideon at 1 month

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