Friday, January 4, 2013

Review: COVERGIRL blastflipstick

I want to preface this by saying, I don't wear a lot of make-up. I rarely put it on and when I do it's only my eyes. Even that, i'm no expert on. I have to buy the ALMAY Intense I-Color Kit because I really have no idea what i'm doing. I pick that strictly based on the fact that the colors are already pre-picked for me and I don't have to think or worry about screwing it up.

Recently I was offered to review the COVERGIRL BlastFlipstick  with Bzzagent and while I was a little hesitant with my history of make-up, I figured i'd try it out. I mean what could I loose, right?

I received three different shades labeled Stunner, Minx, and Vixen. The interesting thing about the COVERGIRL BlastFlipstick is that it's two shades that combine together so that you can play with it however you want. One side is creamy, the other is shimmery. You can do one, or the other, or both!

Now I have a really hard time with lipstick which is why I tend not to wear it. For whatever reason, my lips turn things orange which is not a very good color on me. Not to mention, i'm not a bold make-up person so wearing bright red lipstick, even if it didn't turn orange, just doesn't work for me.

I first tried the Minx shade because it's more of a darker, brown look and it did not work for me. I looked silly. After that my hope started to dwindle that this would work. Out of the two options I had left, Stunner was already orange, so I wasn't going there, and the Vixen shade was a pink and red which made me really nervous. I went ahead and tried the Vixen though, and oh my gosh, it actually looked good!

First I used the creamy red side, which actually with  my complexion, didn't look bad even by itself. Then I added the shimmery pink side on top. Viola! At first I added it to all of my lips and it toned it down just a bit which looked nice, then when I put it on the second time I just added it to the center of my top and bottom lips and it actually added a little dimension.

After trying these on, I will definitely be buying me some more! I do like the look of lipstick when i'm actually wearing make-up but just never thought I could really do it without looking like a clown, or even that i'm just trying too hard. This has completely changed my mind! When my husband comes home from his deployment I of course want to look nice for him and I know that when he gets off his plane to see me, this will add to the effect!

*note - I received this product for free from in exchange for an honest and truthful review. All opinions are my own and I received no additional compensation. To find out more about COVERGIRL BlastFlipstick check out COVERGIRL online!

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