Sunday, October 14, 2012

I've been gone... again...

It's been awhile since i've written a post on here... I keep meaning too but it just doesn't happen. It's not like i'm busy. I'm really not. My life is actually pretty boring with random nights of business in them.

Randomness has happened since the last time I wrote... Hubby deployed was one thing. I had planned on writing all of these neat posts and taking pictures of all these care packages that I made. So far, nothing. I mean, I've sent them. They haven't been as awesome as I wanted them to be, but I did send them. But no pictures, no posts... I'm a slacker, i'll admit it. Actually most of it is probably due to the fact that i'm a procrastinator. I try really hard not to be, and i'm trying to work on it. But sometimes it gets the best of me.

Holidays have happened... Well, they haven't actually occurred yet but the prepping for them has. Halloween is right around the corner which means trips to the pumpkin patch (so far two!) and Halloween wreaths and decorations. I need to write a posts on the pumpkin patch and my Halloween wreath. I actually think it's pretty bad ass.

I need to try and take a better pic but here's a quick one

I was robbed... Well, not my physical self but my car was broken into :/ Luckily it wasn't actually damaged. Sometimes the car door doesn't always lock and it can be opened easily. I have started manually locking that door now though so it's not a problem. I should have started when I realized it did it, but i'm naive and trusting and didn't think it would happen to me... My purse was stolen which had my ID cards, credit cards, and camera in it :( It's a pain in the butt to replace all the cards and such but because of renters insurance I was able to get my camera replaced. I now have a much better one which is exciting. I already took a lot of pics but have now been going overboard. I've been trying to practice using manual settings but have settled with using the (P) setting so i'm working on going completely manual. I alternate between that and auto or scene.

Gideon started school again! So exciting. He is such a cutie, and I love him so!

Gideon's first day

And now here I am. Eating apple crisp that I made. And deciding I need to actually use some of my time playing at the computer and write a post. I think I will get better and start writing more again. It's somewhat therapeutic to write my thoughts down. But in the meantime, I think i'm going to go read some more of my book...

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