Monday, October 29, 2012


I don't know about you but I LOVE to read. I always have. I use to stay up late reading when I was kid and nothing has really changed. For awhile there, I thought I had lost my love for reading and then I read a book by Patricia Cornwell and discovered that 'hey, I still like to read.' I just wasn't reading books that were interesting and that's why I couldn't finish one.

When I lived in Korea I had an iphone and was happy to discover the Kindle app on it. I started downloading all of the free books that I could find on Amazon that looked even a little bit interesting. Side note, this is an amazing marketing idea by Amazon cause I can't tell you how many series I started reading and ended up buying the subsequent books (big word, I know. I amaze myself sometimes).

At one point I downloaded Dark Fever by Karen Marie Moning; and I was hooked. It's a five books series and lucky for me, I discovered the series about a week before the 5th book, Shadow Fever, came out. It worked out well for me; don't you hate reading a book or getting into a tv series only to have to wait till the next one comes out?

In a very short synopsis of the series it's basically about a girl who is the sterotypical blonde, Mackayla (Mac), and her and her older sister Alina live in Georgia. Alina goes to Dublin for college and ends up being murdered which shatters Mac's perfect little world. Nothing seems to happen from the investigation so Mac goes to Dublin to try and put some pressure on the Dublin Garda as she's going crazy sitting at home doing nothing. Once she arrives she discovers the world of Fae and that she can see them, not to mention is a Sidhe-seer (someone who kills Fae). She realizes Alina also found this out and something in that world is probably what killed her. She meets people along the way, including Barrons who you love even though you can't figure out what the hell he is and this is her story.

The series actually had a pretty good ending but acknowledged that the world was not better, Fae still existed so this was it... For now... Which of course leaves the reader hoping another book is written. Recently I discovered the Karen Marie Moning wrote another book entitle Iced which takes place right after the Fever Series ends, but from another character in the book's view. This is part of a three book series which of course still has all of the characters we know, love, and are obsessed with. There's also supposed to be some more Fever books that come out as well in the future so I can't wait to see how that all takes place.

But the day is here. Iced comes out tomorrow, Oct 30th (how fitting). And I have to tell you, I'm sitting here going crazy. I can't wait for tomorrow so I can download it on my kindle app to read it!

To keep myself busy though I think i'm going to try my new cleaning trick that I hope works for me (I hate cleaning). You set a timer for 15 min and then you clean until the timer goes off. 15 in the kitchen, 15 in the living room, 15 in the bathroom. Cause I can do anything for 15 min right? I'll let you know in another post how it works out for me.

*If you've read the series or if you go read it after reading this, let me know! I'm seriously obsessed!  LOL.


  1. I <3 to read, too!! Have you read the Left Behind series? You'd really enjoy it but i'm sure you've read most of it. Also, I love anything by Jodi Picoult and Beverly Lewis is great as well.

    1. I read the Left Behind books a long time ago! I lucked out and had a friend with all of them up until that point so I borrowed them and then I own like the last 3. I should probably read them again but that's a lot of books to buy when i've already read them. I'm trying to think, but I think i've read at least one book by Jodi Picoult... My sister's keeper, I think? The book was much better then the movie, i'm telling you. I'll have to look up Beverly Lewis. I read a 3 book series, sister-to-sister by Virginia Smith. You would probably like those. I think the first one is still free on Amazon kindle right now. It's Christian romance which sounds like an odd style but it was pretty good.


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