Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My handsome little boy
Today, Gideon brought home his school pictures. I was excited to see them but slightly nervous as he tends to say cheese with a grimace and looking off to the side. Michael tells me its because I take his picture too often so he knows what to do but just goes through the motions while he's still preoccupied with whatever is going on. Maybe that's why? I don't know. Does it mean I'm going to stop taking his picture so often? No, of course not. I read this interesting article that someone posted on Facebook the other day asking about whether we take our children's pictures too often. "Why we should take fewer pictures." It was basically saying that we are making our children self absorbed by how often we take their pictures. They're becoming obsessed with themselves. I would have to say I disagree with this. I take pictures of my family and especially my child because I love him and want memories of everything. I get slightly frustrated with other people who don't do the same which leaves me without pictures of certain family members. I want to be able to look back and have everything documented, preferably in scrapbook style but that might not always happen... *cough, cough* I will admit sometimes I need to know when to edit or delete but I'm thankful for all of the pics I have. Maybe I'm the one obsessed? I can look at his pic over and over again and it makes me smile. Is that so bad? What do you think?

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