Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Playdates and Easter preparations

A few weeks back a bunch of us in one of my Facebook groups were talking about Chuck E Cheese and we decided to plan a date to go. I set an event up on FB along with setting up an event on Meetup. Well today was the day and unfortunately it was just us that showed up. If anyone else came we couldn't find them. LOL. So Gideon and I hung out and had fun by ourselves! The last time he was at Chuck E Cheese was the Christmas before we left Wa. for Korea and we had two of Michael's daughters with us. We had a lot of fun but Gideon was so little back then, almost two, and now he is four. It's crazy how time flies. I thought i'd share some pics with you all.
This thing is not as cool as when I was little

Mommy and Gideon

Have to take a ride with Chuck E!

Riding in the Kentucky Derby
Easter is this next weekend! I started a wreath last week but didn't have time to finish it so I started working on it last night and finished it when we got home today. A friend of mine found it on Pinterest and had made one and I just had to try too! I hope you are well underway with your Easter preparations, I know we're behind. Hopefully we'll be decorating eggs tomorrow?
My wreath

So pretty

I found the original link so I wanted to thank Lindsey for creating this. It's beautiful. Mom & Wife - A little bit of everything.


  1. I'm sorry it was just y'all! =(

    I love your egg wreath!

    1. eh, it worked out ok. We had fun :)

      Thanks. I think the egg wreath is really pretty too!


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