Monday, April 9, 2012

Gideon's 1st Day of School

Gideon started school today! We had to wake up at 6:30, which Gideon is not a morning person, and start getting ready. The bus picks Gideon up at 7:50 so that gave us plenty of time to relax, eat breakfast, and get ready. We went outside to wait for the bus, which it picks him up from the house which is fantastic! I took pictures in front of the tree and then the bus pulled up! They have car seats on the bus, so we got him situated, I took more pictures, and waved goodbye as the bus drove away. He seemed excited but he was doing  his nervous giggle that he does, which is oh so cute. I went inside to upload the pics from my camera right away, and I deleted them by accident!!! I was so upset I almost started to cry...
The bus drops Gideon off at 11:50 so I went outside to wait for him and I decided to try and fake my pictures as much as I can. So I took more and i'll share them with you now :0)
Gideon's 1st Day!

Getting out the carseat

The bus pulled up and he was waving to me!
I'm so glad that he had a first day of school. Afterwards, went out on the back porch since it was beautiful outside, and played with chalk. Gideon drew all over the porch and we hung outside all day.
Driving on the race car track that he drew
Chalk drawings
Posing in the sun
Overall, a fun and relaxing day.

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