Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eggs and the outdoors

Yes, I did it... I colored Easter eggs with two preschoolers... pre-preschoolers that is... lol...

Today was a gorgeous day, so we took advantage and pulled some of the toys out of the garage and played out in the sun! I will admit, I can't wait for a swing set (post to come soon, I hope) but the toys we had worked fine.

Scouting for something

Or maybe kicking the ball?

The kids played in the pop-up tent and then took the "builders" around the yard and picked up balls and put them in a pile. So cute. Side note.... The little boy is Uriah who I babysit on the weekends which is nice because Gideon has a permanent playmate :0)

We had some running around to do to get ready for Easter tomorrow and by the time we got home it was dinner time. I've been meaning to decorate eggs with Gideon but it just hasn't happened and considering Easter is tomorrow I decided I had to do it! I was smart enough to enjoy the outdoors and not have to worry about spillage in the house so we dyed eggs outside! It was a little cold but still nice so we bundled up in our jackets and put our playshirts on top of them to protect from any dye spillage. This is Gideon's first year decorating eggs as I haven't had the courage to try before.
We have to work on our dropping techniques

I tried so hard for a smile... This was the closest I got...
I really should have had Michael come help me because it was really hard to help the boys with the eggs and be able to take pics at the same time. We made it work though and I think everyone had fun :0)

Happy early Easter!

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