Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to bloggin

I haven't been on here since this last summer... And even that was something I was just starting... I'm going to try and get on the blogging train again though.

So what's been going on since the last time I posted? I went to Washington for a visit and then I was able to get on Space A to get back to Korea! Yah for me! I enjoyed my last few months in Korea and in December 2011, we left Korea for good and moved back to Washington, to Ft Lewis. We stayed with my sister at her boyfriend's house (thank you Travis and Terri), where Gideon had a birthday
Monster Truck show

Gideon and Auntie Terri

 and we had Christmas.
Gideon opening Christmas presents
Next thing on the agenda was to find a house a little closer to post. I grew up in Enumclaw which is where Terri and Travis live. This is a good probably 2 hour drive to post, a bit far for daily travels... We learned the hard way that moving from overseas back stateside really sucks. You don't receive your full BAH (Basic Allowance Housing) until the SM (Sponsor Member) signs in. Not only that but if something goes wrong with your pay nobody will help you till the SM signs in... Michael took a month leave to go visit his daughters and ideally to give us time to get the house set-up. Unfortunately his pay got screwed up which made this difficult... We were able to find a house eventually in Puyallup, a little farther then I wanted to live but it's a really nice house. Older, but nice and big, with a huge yard! Fantastic when you have little ones around.
Our pretty house covered in snow
As you can see, it snowed right after moving in! SO much fun! It was a huge snow storm.

Making a snow man with daddy


Gideon posing with his snowman
 However, the day after the snow storm, there was too much snow! And trees started falling! Including on our car! The day after that was an ice storm, which made the rest of the trees fall....
Trees down in the front yard after cutting tree off car
Tree laying on car
Front of house
Side of the house

My poor mirror

After the snow recovery, Michael was back at work. I've been trying to find a job but haven't been having much luck. I decided to try babysitting and then I could stay home with Gideon. I now have one little boy named Uriah who is almost 4 years old that I watch on the weekends and I am working on finding a child for the week to watch. Gideon also will be starting school soon too (another blog will be posted about that) and we also found out recently that Michael will be deploying in the next couple of months as well. So lots coming up and lots going on. I will try my best to keep up with everything and I hope you're interested in reading.

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