Friday, April 19, 2013


I should have posted this earlier but I was busy with taking care of hubby, a vacation to Vegas, job hunting, and me procrastinating.

But here's the news:


He got a phone call from Madigan on Friday, March 22nd to go in for surgery on Tuesday, March 26th. By the way, we left for Vegas on March 28th! Short recovery time, I know.

Surgery went well. They said that it was text book and it couldn't have gone any better. He was told to stay off his feet for two weeks and then two weeks of light duty after that. He's on his last week of light duty right now.

Recovery was a little rough with Vegas a couple of days after. He pretty much kept himself tipsy on alcohol and popped percocet the entire time. Not an ideal situation by any means but he wasn't going to tell them no when they called.

He was pretty black and blue after. And when I say that, I mean entirely black. Almost four weeks later there's still a little bit of discoloration but it's almost gone. There's also two incisions, one on each side that are fairly generous in size. They had dissolvable stitches but on one side the stitch popped out which left a little hole but it's starting to heal up.

Overall, he's doing good but he does have an occasional off day if he does too much. He did end up with a double hematoma, which the doctor said is common in his line of work. Soldier's don't know how to take it easy. LOL.

So now we're off to the fun part! Baby making! Unfortunately we've had a stomach bug rotating through our house which has put a damper on that, but it'll work out. He wont have an SA until 3 months out so we really have no idea if he even has any moving swimmers, but we're hoping. I really want to get a microscope and test my own sample but I don't have one. I know, that sounds kind of crazy, but it's really common with people who do vasectomy reversals. I'm just really curious. I want to know if there's anything moving in there!

Nervous, waiting to get wheeled in

Well, wish us luck!

What to do first/already completed:
  • Soldier goes to his local aid station to get an appt with his doctor
  • Appt with doctor to request referral
  • Call phone number to get on list and make sure referral was approved 
  • Wait till our time is up on the list and then surgery! :)
What needs done:
  • Start babymaking!

*Are you (or your husband) a soldier and has had a vasectomy? Do you want to have it reversed so that you can have children? It is possible! Tricare does not cover vasectomy reversals but specific military hospitals do the surgery for FREE on an on call basis. Once you get on the list, you wait till your name is on the top, and when they have a surgery that is cancelled, they fit you in. This means you will receive a phone call the day before to see if you can come in for surgery the next day. You will then wait at the hospital all day until they fit you in. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't possible, it is! Make sure to subscribe to Kinda Crunchy Mama (on the right hand sidebar) so that you can keep updated on my experience and follow along with all my fertility posts.  

Here's a great PDF from Madigan talking about their vasectomy reversals.

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