Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pirate charm swap

As most of you know, I am fairly new to sewing. Well, I used to sew with my grandma when I was little but just recently got a sewing machine of my own and have been trying to actually use it! Last Christmas, a friend of mine did a holiday charm swap that I participated in, which was a completely new thing for me. We basically all swapped holiday fabric, 2 styles, 1 yard each and then mailed it to her where she then divided it up and sent it back out. It was a great way to get a ton of different quilt blocks easier then if I had tried to buy it all separate. Definitely cheaper too.

While working on changing my son's bedroom set into pirate themed, I thought how fun it would be to have a pirate quilt! So now i'm hoping to find people interested in participating in a pirate themed charm swap so that I can do that. Because i'm new to hosting and i'm concerned about finding enough participants, i'm going to leave the sign ups open for 3 weeks, with an additional two weeks to mail fabric. If by some miracle I have a ton of people interested, I may include alternates to possibly make the group larger as well.


  1. Please sign up by  May 17th, and have all fabric mailed by May 31st. This should give you time to find fabric, and cut it in time.
  2. You will need to include a prepaid, self addressed stamped envelope along with the charms when you mail them to me. Using a bubble envelope is advised to make sure that there are no tears in packaging, but it's up to you. 
  3. Put your fabric in a ziploc bag and include an index card with your name and email address. Also stack your fabric, alternating, to make it easier on me while sorting.
  4. There will be 28 participants who will all need to find 2 different styles of fabric, 1 yard each.  Please find something pirate themed for the first yard and for the second, use an accompanying color fabric. 
  5. Fabric must be quilt shop quality fabric. No Joanne's or Walmart, etc. 
  6. Please cut 5x10 charm squares; you can get 28 to a yard. This will leave you with larger pieces that you can cut down to 5x5 if you want or leave it as is. More flexibility that way to use it how you would like. Everyone will receive 1 charm of each fabric back; which will be equal to the two yards originally sent.
  7. Fabric must be new, unwashed, and come from a smoke free environment.
  8. Upload pictures of your fabric to the swap Flickr group and include the name of the fabric, designer, etc. This ensures that there are no duplicate fabrics chosen and allows everyone to find out more about the fabrics in case they would like to order more once they have received their charms.

Thank you for checking out my charm swap! Hopefully this will be successful and I can do more in the future :)

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