Thursday, March 7, 2013

Referrals that lead to waiting lists

He's on the list! Yah! Apparently they've changed things a little bit or perhaps we were under the wrong impression, but there's no appt with Urology. So once they accept the referral from his primary doctor, they add him to it. Now it's just the waiting game. I'm so thankful we're in Washington though because our list moves a lot faster then other places. They tell you six - nine months but other people who have had it done here say it really takes more like one - two months since they do the surgery here so often. So here's to hoping the wait wont be too long!

I can't believe how short my list has become!

What to do first/already completed:
  • Soldier goes to his local aid station to get an appt with his doctor
  • Appt with doctor to request referral
  • Call phone number to get on list and make sure referral was approved
What needs done:
  • Wait till our time is up on the list and then surgery! :)
  • Start babymaking!

*Are you (or your husband) a soldier and has had a vasectomy? Do you want to have it reversed so that you can have children? It is possible! Tricare does not cover vasectomy reversals but specific military hospitals do the surgery for FREE on an on call basis. Once you get on the list, you wait till your name is on the top, and when they have a surgery that is cancelled, they fit you in. This means you will receive a phone call the day before to see if you can come in for surgery the next day. You will then wait at the hospital all day until they fit you in. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't possible, it is! Make sure to subscribe to Kinda Crunchy Mama (on the right hand sidebar) so that you can keep updated on my experience and follow along with all my fertility posts.  

Here's a great PDF from Madigan talking about their vasectomy reversals.


  1. Oh amber! I'm so excited for you guys! I hope it's quick!

  2. We are at the top of the list and it's seriously killing me! waiting! Every day i'm hoping he'll get that phone call. Then here's to hoping everything is successful. lol.


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