Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little about me

I know that I have an About Me page on my blog, but with all of my new fans, I thought I would expand a little bit. I hope that you might want to get to know me a little bit, and I would love to know you too! Hopefully we have some things in common which will make this whole blog thing easier.

*First off, i'm a mommy. My son, Gideon, is 4, will be 5 in January. He is a bundle of energy but at the same time can just veg out and watch cartoons (which is nice in the morning). He's also super imaginative and tends to get distracted on whatever is going through his mind at the time. He is my everything, and he is just about perfect. I try not compete in the mommy wars and all that, but he was the perfect baby. He always slept when he was supposed to, never cried inconsolably. He never threw tantrums. Seriously, the best kid ever. His only "issue" for sake of a better word, is he has some issues picking up things. I don't mean, cleaning up his room; although that doesn't really happen either... But more so his learning skills. He has a hard time grasping letters, numbers, etc. He's also struggling with cutting, writing, and the like as well. For whatever reason, it's just taking him a little longer to pick it up. He does attend our local school districts special education preschool program which has helped a lot. If you have a child with any issues, I definitely recommend it. I'm pretty sure most school districts have some form of it. Maybe it's just that he's a boy, and hopefully he'll start getting things here soon, but it does worry me. I don't want him to struggle in school and I hope that ends up not being a problem but only time will tell.

*I'm an Army Wife :) I actually wrote a guest article for a friend's blog, My Life to Army Wife, where I wrote about my Army wife story. By all means check it out, and tell Shantee hi. We're currently stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord or Ft. Lewis as most people would know it. A few years back they combined the Army and Air Force base however not a lot has changed. The bases are right next to each other but aren't even connected. You have to leave one to get to the other. It's kind of funny actually.

*Currently my husband is deployed, so it's just the kiddo and me. I don't have a job but I do babysit a 2 yr old little boy. I would love to have a "real" job but I'm having a hard time finding one that works with Gideon's school schedule and all that :/ Oh well. I'm sure i'll find on right before it's time to PCS again! That's how things work, right?

*I believe in God. I would call myself a Christian but I don't want to get caught up in the religiosity of it. I'm not perfect and I don't study my bible like I know I should, and I don't go to church as much as I should. I feel bad about it and I try, but it just doesn't always happen.

*I'm a procrastinator. This is my biggest flaw that I never want to admit to. I have things that I want to do, that interest me, and I still procrastinate it. I need people to hold me accountable. I wish I wasn't this way, and I try to change it but it's unfortunately me. It drives my husband crazy. It makes me a little bit of a slob. My husband has OCD so mix that with me who wont do the dishes till I run out of clean ones, it's not a good mixture. I can't get away with that when he's here but when he's not, I'll admit I do it sometimes. Or don't do it... lol.

*I love to craft. I have no creativity whatsoever but I still love it. My preference is papercrafting but I'm slowly starting to sew too. I pretty much have to copy everything but as long as I have something to start with, I can usually replicate. It doesn't always look the same, but I try. My ideal house would have a huge craft room, with lots of table space, shelving to organize and of course everything would be full of product. Preferably Stampin' Up! stuff.

*I'm an avid reader. I can easily get lost in a book and will quit doing everything to finish it. My recent obsession is Paperback Swap. I keep trying to find more books that I don't mind getting rid of so that I can get more credits for the books I do want. If I find a series that I'm really interested in, I want to collect them all and I wont get rid of them. I've started getting Kindle books which is nice because I do like the instant gratification of it but I still love a real book. I have a series that I LOVE; the Fever Series. I have them on my Kindle but I'm trying to collect them in paperback too. So far, I have one! lol.

*I'm kinda crunchy. I say kinda crunchy because I'm not on every hippy, crunchy bandwagon out there. For the most part I practice AP. Of course when I don't have a baby anymore, that's kind of hard. I've started using vinegar to clean with instead of buying harsh chemicals. If I had another baby I would cloth diaper. I wont however, use family TP. Just couldn't do it. But I do want to make some unpaper towels. I try to do things natural if possible and eat healthier. But I do love frozen chicken nuggets and egg rolls. Some of the things I do or believe in now, I wouldn't have even considered a year ago. So who knows what I'll be doing in another year.

*I'm an Internet/Facebook junkie. Another thing that irritates my husband.

Well that's me, among other things. Now that you know a little bit more, I would love to hear about you! Do we have anything in common or something maybe that we are complete opposites in. They do say opposites attract.

Me and Gideon at the fair this summer

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