Thursday, May 3, 2012

Deployment talk

Most of my family know this already, if not, sorry I missed you. lol.

Michael will be deploying soon.

I can't tell you when of course but soon...

I'm hoping to get his address soon so I can try and get people to send him care packages and letters. If you're interested in mailing him anything, please let me know. I can't promise he'll write back.

I've been on pinterest and google, pinning ideas for care packages. There are a lot of cute themed ones out there.

You should follow me on pinterest if you're not already because I have a ton of ideas on there. I will be writing about any packages I put together and of course just my daily musings on here. It's hard because I can't give any specifics about what he's doing but I will be writing what I can.

I also just started babysitting a little boy, so that will help to keep me busy.

Keeping busy will be the trick I think.

The longest we've been apart is a month and  that was when he first got to Korea. That wasn't too difficult, just boredom with being at my step-dad's house and nothing to do. Oh and the 6 weeks I was staying with my mom last summer to visit, same thing. I was able to talk to him all the time then. At least I knew I could around his work schedule which was pretty easy to work around minus the time change.

This time will be harder, I think.

I wont know when I'll be able to talk to him...

It'll work out though. I'm fairly independent.

Anyone want to help me put up Christmas lights in December?

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